Barbara is intuitive, attentive and aware of every detail of her work.

She works to really look inside to the core of her client, to help bring out the essence of their message and energy.

She will help you feel comfortable in exposing new dimensions of yourself, without even knowing it!

There is a clarity and a beauty to her work that will leave you amazed.

~Kendra Ward, MAOM, LAc

I chose Barbara as my photographer because she is kind, thoughtful and passionate about what she does.

I especially value the care she used in preparing me for our session together. It helped me relax on the day of the session & it helped make everything great.

She’s so sweet and caring – I’ve never had such a wonderful experience getting photos taken.
— Jen McFarland,
Before the photo shoot with Barbara I was already drawn to her child-like wonder and pure energy of joy.

Getting to be photographed by her was a gift I’ll never forget, as I felt so seen, accepted, and beautiful!

After years of not liking pictures of me, I am thrilled to announce I not only love my portraits, I also feel like she captured something intangible of me in them.

I highly recommend Barbara for anyone wanting to capture their essence on camera, and especially for the leaders, healers and coaches out there - you need someone who sees you clearly and makes you shine!
— Starr Sheppard-Decker, Founder of Radical Revelations

"Barbara really captured the light and my best self."

- Elsbeth Martindale


I knew the photos would be exquisite, but I was even more impressed with how they turned out.

I like everything about working with Barbara. Her enthusiasm, sweetness and encouragement made us feel totally at ease and brought out the various aspects of ourselves that it feels good to let out.
— Chris Browne

"I was nervous and worried, but

I had a great, very fun, low-stress time

Barbara's personality is very engaging and cheerful.  She nurtured me, made me feel comfortable, and took photos that I adore."

- Win Williams


"The best parts were picking the best outfits to go with each setting and seeing the photos! "

"I like working with Barbara because it's easy to get the images we want, and we have a fun time!"

- Maya Adams-Dirks




"What do I like about working with Barbara?

I will use the images to share with friends and family and bask in our love. I’m so glad to have a chronicle of our life together.

The best part was Barbara’s laugh!! She’s a joy to be around. What a treat that she’s crazy talented, too! The best part of the shoot was the playfulness of it.
— Candice Schutter



"I enjoyed the costume changes

and different settings.


"We were propelled by laughter!


"She has an ability to capture a person's essence.

"Their spirit really comes through the images


I like the way Barbara worked with us as co-collaborators.
— Seven Root

"I was moved to tears when I first saw the images of myself as Barbara sees me."


- Maggie Zadikov


"I will use the images to remind myself

about my friends

and about how to best view myself. 

I like Barbara's ease and obvious knowledge of what she's doing,

and of course her laugh."

- Laura Fletcher


"I loved the

relaxed playfulness,

feeling sexy

And Barbara's vast enthusiasm

I will use the images for my website and

to gaze upon during difficult times."

- Kelly Rees

The best parts were her laugh and the beautiful space. I stressed the whole morning while getting ready, but Barbara’s laugh helped me to relax and enjoy my session.

The images are beautiful. Barbara has such a great eye for light and spirit.
— Deborah Ulrich


"I will use the images to show who I am as a health coach.

Barbara's vivaciousness and laughter helped me relax into the moment."

- Karen Harrell


I had fun and I loved that there were lots of opportunities for wardrobe changes.
Barbara is very patient.
— Amy Swallow

"The best part was Barbara.

I was able to express myself

and have my essence be captured."

- Isis Leeor


"I had a great time just moving from one scene to another."

- Sara Mapelli Tink

"Thank you

for the beautiful photographs of my family.

These are very special."

- Katherine Johnson