Cool Portraits Aren't Just for More Social Media Engagement

Nicole came to me because she noticed that people with cool professional portraits got more engagement on social media.  Not only did she spice up her social media interaction, she now has portraits for a lifetime... a wide variety of images that capture her vitality and personality. 

What better gift than ARCHIVAL PRINTS for your loved ones to have and hold? 

'Tis the season, and NOW is the time.

Here's a sampling of my work with Nicole...

Who could resist engaging with this woman?

This is one of Nicole's favorites.

We LOVE this quirky off-kilter portrait. 

Up close and personal... Nicole has amazing eyes with a rim of deep teal.

Why not do something a little different?

This sensual portrait of Nicole may be my favorite.

Nicole has an elegant and classic style, and her color sense is wonderful.