Lightbulb Moments

Could you use a delightfully geeky superhero to help you take your business to the next level?  Meet Jen McFarland of Foster Growth.

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Family Story

After snaring some wonderful family portraits that could be sent to conservative relatives, the young men let their hair down, and the bigger story unfolded.


Juicy Fun!

Jen Price has done a fantastic job of revamping her business and website!  With her own writing and my portraits, she has given it a super-fun, yet professional vibe. 

Her free StoryJuice email series helps you start tapping into your ideal clients' fantasies, speak to their dreams and help transform them into reality.  Check it out at:


How Can New Portraits Revitalize Your Business?

Tina came to me because her website and the head shot on it didn't represent who she really is.  She was ready to reveal her uniqueness and attract clients who are interested in her special gifts.

Get acquainted with the astounding Tina Rea through this 1 minute image-based promo video I composed for her.


When Were Your Last Family Portraits?

Katherine had been yearning for family portraits for seven years!  I'm deeply honored that she asked me to create portrait art of her gorgeous family of three. 

In her business, Katherine uses color to help clients look their best, so it was no surprise that they arrived looking amazing... dressed to a T, in colors that enhanced their individual color profiles while coordinating beautifully with each other.

Life is stunningly ephemeral, ever-changing, precious... I believe it is essential that we be professionally photographed periodically.  When were your last portraits taken?


Build Your Business Empire

"What I liked best about working with Barbara was her vivaciousness and laughter."  - Karen Harrell

"What I liked best about working with Barbara was her vivaciousness and laughter."

- Karen Harrell


Many people contact me saying they want "a headshot."

Headshots were indeed the thing to do before the advent of the internet and online business.

In the "olden days", most business was done in person.  Back then, a single business portrait on your business card and brochure was sufficient to help people remember you.

Things have changed!  In the 21st century, we crave getting to know business people online, in an instant.  We want to get a sense of your personality - who you REALLY are - and it takes a lot more than a single headshot to do that.

So, what is the quickest way for potential clients to get to know you? 

A thoughtful assortment of high quality still images that reveal multiple facets of your personality speaks volumes. In an instant. 

Not only is a picture worth a thousand words, the right images can convey more information about you than video, in a shorter time. 

And time is of the essence, when another online business is just a click away.

The images in this article are from a 90 minute portrait session with Karen Harrell, who will be using them on her business website to show who she is as a health coach.


Helping a Helper Help

Okay, so it's a goofy post title... but true!  I am thrilled to be able help Carolyn connect with prospective clients who can benefit from her superb counseling skills.

She says, "I am so excited about the new photos on my website, with all the varied looks, poses and colors. It feels much more "me" and much more in line with my core-essence."

I wanted people who view Carolyn's website to see that she is warm and approachable yet self-contained and able to hold space for her clients. The world is a better place because of her gifts!



Oh, what fun!

Chris and Candice have been together since 2012. I'm so happy I got to photograph them as they playfully and passionately expressed their love for each other. 

What warm, wonderful, multi-talented people!